Paul Johnson

General Contractor • FIne Carpentry
  1. Stunning walls of sea-foam green glass mosaic tile set the scene for a beach bathroom inspired by the surrounding natural environment, the existing house and their interplay.

  2. A wall of cedar paneling continues the theme of cedar paneling throughout the rest of the house but is sanded and oiled to create a warm and inviting feel that marries well with the glass tile.

  3. A custom vertical grain fir floating cabinet adds much needed storage without taking up floor space.

  4. Dark marmoleum floors add a bit of drama to the color palette and tie in with the natural slate countertop.

  5. Ipe slats in the shower add warmth underfoot and harmonize with the natural elements in the bathroom

  6. Frameless glass shower enclosure defines the shower space while letting the other materials of the bathroom take center stage.

  7. Low flow toilet and plumbing fixtures help conserve water.

  8. New satin etched window and door let light shine into the room while retaining privacy.

  9. Original house designed by John Storrs - new bathroom designed by the homeowners to honor his design and principles while embracing the contemporary.

Contemporary Beach Bathroom


Architect - Ellie & Brad Wellstead