Paul Johnson

General Contractor • FIne Carpentry


Paul Johnson

General Contractor • Fine Carpentry


• Completely gutted kitchen allowed for straightening walls, updating plumbing and electrical, insulating, and reinforcing framing.

• Original fir flooring lovingly uncovered under 6 layers of old linoleum and adhesive.

• Custom built fir island milled from existing carport removed at beginning of project.

• Antiqued granite countertops add beautiful texture and functionality to the space.

• Pullout pantry and corner lazy susan take full advantage of tight spaces.

• Windows enlarged and added as well as doorways to room widened open the entire space to the rest of the house and create a sense of harmony.

• Well placed lighting on separate dimmers allow for creating ambience for different kitchen areas.

• New, efficient and unadulterated stainless steel appliances fit nicely into the classic look of the kitchen, making for a timeless feel.

Turn of the Century Kitchen