Paul Johnson

General Contractor • Fine Carpentry


Historic Linnton School Place condo remodel

• Entire first floor remodel of one unit at the historic Linnton School building.

  1. Constricting layout greatly improved by opening up stairway and building new grand, radiating stairs.

  2. Old carpeting and maple floors removed.

  3. Fir flooring reclaimed from sunken logs, as well as trees from the Metolious River Burn. Burnt areas of wood add a unique and beautiful character to the floors.

  4. New, efficient, modern fireplace installed and fireplace surround finished with American Clay natural plaster.

  5. Kitchen rebuilt with combination of new and reused cabinetry, new door and drawer fronts, new appliances, granite countertops and plenty of directional lighting.

  6. New configuration plus ample lighting create a warm and bright space perfect for featuring clients’ artwork and furniture.

• Built-ins and storage areas utilize as much “wasted” space as possible.

  1. Simple, yet bold materials palette works harmoniously to create a beautiful and entirely functional living space.



Architects: Brad & Ellie Wellstead