Paul Johnson

General Contractor • Fine Carpentry


Mudroom/Pantry with Ipe Deck

• Opened up wall between kitchen and existing mudroom

• Built in new pantry area; dressed up pre-made cabinetry with custom Ipe countertop to match new Ipe deck

• Replaced old, drafty window with new door out to deck

• Bright colored walls and marmoleum flooring make the space feel larger and warm

  1. Built in small bookshelf for function and storage rather than installing railing between kitchen and stair landing

  2. Rebuilt stairs and built new basement foyer leading to laundry room and storage

  3. Insulated walls with recycled cotton insulation, including wall between bathroom and kitchen for added comfort and privacy

  4. Added light fixtures on dimmer switches control the ambience in relation to the     kitchen

• Small, curved, FSC certified Ipe deck becomes the focal point of the backyard, with easy access from the kitchen