Dunthorpe Contemporary Bathroom

New owners of a 80s custom home infuse it with soul and a new life. Master bathroom gets a complete overhaul with a separate shower and tub, a large master…

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Irvington Spa Tub Bathroom

A 1919 Dutch Colonial master bathroom gets renewed inside and out with clean, timeless fixtures and materials. Say goodbye to 60’s turquoise tile!

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Modern Traditional Bathroom

Clean, modern fixtures, with a nod towards the past, complement traditional tile and woodwork in this 1940s bathroom remodel.

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Marble & Alder Bathroom

Calacatta marble and Alder cabinetry make a warm and inviting master bathroom.

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Relaxing Dormer Bathroom

Dormer addition to existing 2nd floor to gain a new relaxing bathroom with soaking tub, balcony and fireplace.

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